The attaché case is gaffed with a hole in the back panel and it is covered with a black stretch material.  An inside flap covers the hole and is held down with a magnet.
A specially engineered vibrator is designed to collapse into its base.  The collapsed vibrator is loaded into the case and locked with the cover flap.
Accessories are loaded into the attaché case and the case closed.  Care must be taken not to show the bulging backside when performing.
The lid is opened, tickets shown etc.  Lid is closed.  Upon re opening, the flap is raised, slightly, the condom removed and placed on top of the closed flap and shown.
 Lid is closed a second time and then opened.  This time the flap is lifted and the vibrator is removed.  In doing so, the button on the base is pressed in, turning the unit on.  The vibrator is then picked up by the bottom of the base and removed upside down,.  Gravity extends the vibrator head and it locks in position,
Vibrator is now set vertical on the closed attaché case and allowed to run.
Compartment in Back Panel
Collapsed Vibrator
Vibrator Placed Either Direction in Opening
The Back Bulge
Vibrator Fully Extended and Running
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