For the discriminating collector of apparatus
   A  genuine 1915 vintage Waltham 14 k  GF hunting case pocket watch that predicts up to 72  random  settings  without  repeating.  Complete with Display Stand, Safety Chain, Certificate of Authenticity and Instructions.
    Thank you for your  interest  in the Gerlitz/Stull  Prediction  Watch.  Quite  possibly  one of the most precision pieces of magic ever made.  These  are truly an extremely limited edition, due to the rarity of the watch, and the extensive precision modifications necessary to produce this miracle.  Each watch is completely disassembled,  machined, and precision reassembled by hand with miniature parts, keeping the aesthetics of the original watch mechanism  intact.   Each  watch  is then serial numbered and comes  with a corresponding  Certificate of Authenticity.  If you are a mentalist, collector of fine apparatus, or would just like to own a rare piece of precision magical apparatus, please click on the links below for more information.
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Guarantee and Warranty
Effect and Handling
Currently Available
    If you are sincerely interested in owning one of these limited editions, please contact us.  Do to the availability of antique watches, case designs, as well as delivery times, will vary.  All watches  are  #16 size (2" diameter)  No  choice  of  Arabic  or  Roman  numbers unless special ordered extra.
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